Available microgreens

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Eye-catching colour with a smooth, peppery heat.

Zesty, tangy, sharp, vibrant flavour.

A mix of bok choy, pea shoots, sunflower shoots, red radish.
Bright & diverse mixture of flavours.

A mix of broccoli raab, crimson clover, and purple kohlrabi. Soft, mild, versatile.

Crunchy, nutty, sweet.

Bright purple stems with a peppery, pungent kick.

A powerhouse of protein.

Leafy, tender, sweet.

Soft, tangy, peppery, mild flavour.

A mix of broccoli, broccoli raab, radish, mustard, green kale, and arugula. Tender, earthy, peppery blend.

Crisp, mild cabbage flavour.

Soft & peppery with a strong earthy flavour.